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Monday, October 28, 2013

And for 5 Years She's Held Her Own

Jordan turned 5 yesterday! I know it’s cliché, but man time flew by.  For her birthday she got her ears pierced (a few weeks ago), she had a birthday party (pictures below), and we celebrated her actual big day with rainbow cupcakes in her favorite colors.  Usually I have the kids decorate their own cake for their birthdays and let them pile on as much sprinkles and frosting as their little hearts desire, but there really just wasn’t the time yesterday since she spent most of it with some quality time with her daddy.
So what can I say about Jordan at age 5? Jordan is:
1.       Obedient: as obedient as you can expect a 5 year old to be.  Most of the time she quickly does what you ask her to do

2.       Polite: She usually always says please and thank you

3.       Eager to Help: In reference to #1…I can almost always get her to do something if I preface it by saying, “can you help me…”

4.       Happy: She is almost always smiling with the most contagious (and slightly terrifying) smile.  She makes you want to take part in her joy…yet you feel like she is also mentally plotting your death…

5.       Considerate: She generally is great at sharing and helping her friends and siblings

6.       Mischievous: she is sneaky… and quiet…and smart… such a horrible combination that has resulted in many soaked floors, colored walls (and colored siblings), and cut hair

7.       Stubborn: I take full credit for her stubbornness which I blame on my father.  I’m only as stubborn as he is so really it’s his fault, right?

8.       My Muddy Princess: I know I’ve said this before to like 100 people, but it’s completely true.  Jordan dresses like a princess, but acts like a tom-boy.  She loves to get dirty and rough, but only if she can do so in the pinkest and sparkliest dress with matching barrettes and bracelet.
I don’t have her “stats” because until her birthday I completely forgot to even schedule her “Well Child” exam…oops.  So yeah, that will happen next month or so.
And without further ado here her annual pictures (to see how’s she grown) and some pictures from her party.

A few weeks old
 One Year Old
 Two Years Old
 Three Years Old
Four Years Old
Five Years Old


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