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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday...That is All

I promised said I’d try to be a better blogger.  This was several days before I came down with the flu and other ailments that left me miserable and in bed for nearly 4 days straight.  And by “bed” I do mean my actual bed, shower floor, or bathroom floor.

I’m on the mend now and tired and back to normal nausea.  Who knew I could be so excited for normal nausea.
So since Taylor turning 7 should be a blog of its own I will not put stuff about that here.  Instead, a LIST!  After all, a wise person once said a list of random things is the best way to catch a blog reader up on a bloggers life.  No wise person ever said that…which should be obvious, but just in case I felt the need to tell you so you don’t decide to later call me a liar.  Although…I am a liar because we are all liars…

So…the List

1.       When Justin found the location of the superglue in our house everything began getting glued…he was on a glue mission of super proportions (I know you like what I did there).  The vacuum, UV dancing flower, jump rope handles, Character heads…

2.       When you are a mother puking consists of 2-3 kids watching and making comments “ew, that one smells”, “Mommy, it’s yellow!”, “She’s throwing up again, hurry come look!”.  It also consists of said mommy yelling between vomits “GET OUT”, “I’m sick, leave me alone”,  “Justin come get the kids before I kill them”, “I SAID GET OUT”

3.       Jordan still has an obsession with watching me get stabbed.  She asks nightly if I “get” to have a shot tonight… with a huge smile on her face when I say yes, and sigh of disappointment when I say no.  I might be scared of her.

4.       Being home sick and missing 3 days of work sucks…but it did make it a little better that on day 2-3 of it Elijah started getting sick and spent most of the day cuddling with me.

5.       My husband is a rockstar who cleaned both the bathrooms, did all the laundry, and cleaned most all the dishes over the last week. I love him.

6.       I may have made myself a 4 pound bag of pasta salad…and I may be eating every day (twice a day) because it tastes amazing.

7.       Jordan insisted on trying ever sing veggie I put into the pasta salad as I cut it.  She was a huge fan of the red and yellow bell peppers and cucumbers, she was not a fan of the red ball that exploded in her mouth (tomato), and she was angry at me when she tried the onion…I did warn her so it’s all on her.

8.       If you get like 8 inches cut off your hair a room full of 1st graders seem to assume you ARE or WERE wearing a wig…

9.       My husband is very excited and I LOVE seeing him this excited.  I’m also very excited.  Some fun stuff is about to happen (I’ll let you know more later or send me a message/call me and I’ll tell you)

10.   I enjoy filing taxes.  I used to think that was normal…I’m beginning to realize I may be the exception…the super nerdy, over planning, exception.

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