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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #3

Where do babies grow?

Taylor: Inside your belly

Jordan: in your belly.

Elijah: In the tummy.

How are babies made?

Taylor: They grow in your belly with the little eggs

Jordan: from the doctor.

Elijah: Red

How do babies come out?

Taylor: They come out of your vagina

Jordan: from the doctor from your belly

Elijah: because they come out of the bellies

Tell me about the baby in mommy's belly.

Taylor: One of them are dead and one of them are alive.  They are really really little kids.  They are the other girl and boys baby.

Jordan: there is one sick and one not.  and it died.

Elijah: the baby is correct

When do babies get a heart?

Taylor: when they come of your belly...I mean the whole time.

Jordan: when they are out of your belly and they turn into kids

Elijah: in their tummy

What color are babies?

Taylor: blind ::points to skin:: I don't know what this color is called.

Jordan: this color ::points to her own arm::

Elijah: blue

How do babies eat?

Taylor: They don't really.  They suck from something I think.

Jordan: from their mommy's boobies

Elijah: raisins

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