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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ketchup and Kids

I’m finding myself further and further behind on family things as I try to keep up with the surrogacy things. 
I’ve been meaning to blog about Taylor’s 7th birthday…I’ve been meaning to blog about HoliDavis…I’ve been meaning to blog about all the awesome random times with friends lately…I’ve ha d a lot of good thoughts and no time or energy to bring them to fruition.
I like the word fruition even if I’m not exactly sure how to use it.  Saying that word (or hearing it) always makes me want a smoothie though…that’d be a great name for a smoothie.
So before I get to the point of this blog for today I am going to openly admit I WILL not fully blog about the awesome things above (Taylor excluded…I MUST do a 7th birthday post for her).  Instead I give you a quick recap/summary of life events and then I give you a bunch of random things my kids have said and done in the last month that make me laugh so they  must be shared.
I have the best friends!  I think we ended up with 18 adults and 10 kids.  In my 3 bedroom apartment.  We squeezed (literally…) around a table (several tables) that stretched from the wall of my kitchen to the couch in the living room to enjoy lots of food.
I made a bacon wrapped turkey and honey glazed ham.  Friends brought rolls, and casseroles and potatoes, and desserts and it was fabulous.
We played the gift unwrapping game which is one of my favorite HoliDavis traditions started by the Newmyers on the very first HoliDavis 3 years ago.
This year we had quite a few new friends in the mix and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!
Despite feeling rather crappy most of the time I have had some really good days too.  We’ve taken advantage of these good days and take some time to just BE with friends.  I like to be with friends.  Playing games, laughing, talking, laughing, and well…laughing.  We played a horribly inappropriate game with Sam and Tiffany (FYI Tiffany is one of those “new” people I mentioned above…I like her).  That night I learned I am the most inappropriate of all and that there is a version of Justin and me in Tiffany’s life.  We chatted in all kinds of uncomfortableness with Phil and Megan.  We had lunch with most of the youth leaders (Brad ditched us).  We went to a gorgeous engagement party with wonderful food and amazing people where I met Heidi’s Sam (don’t worry Sam…Justin spent a good hour disproving how alike you and he actually were…he won’t let anyone interfere with his BFF).  And we played games with Phil and Megan…Phil even made me a smoothie.
I have the best friends.
While walking to the house from the car in the rain.
Elijah: Mommy, it’s raining rain drops
Me: What else would it rain?
Elijah: Milk or Apple Juice
Taylor walks into my room around 4 AM.
Taylor: Mommy I lost my tooth
Me: Why are you pulling on your tooth in the middle of the night?
Taylor: It just wiggled while I was sleeping and woke me up…so I pulled it out, look!
Me: No, its 4 AM put it on my end table…I’ll look at it in the morning
Taylor: ok, but it’s awesome…you’re gonna miss it
Jordan changes her clothes A LOT.  Most recently she decided that her pajamas were just not doing it for her so she walks out of her room in a bikini (after we put her to bed) and tells us that she wants to sleep in a bathing suit forever.  She has now slept in her bikini 3 nights in a row.
Elijah’s favorite part about starting preschool is his lunchbox.  So much so that when he gets home from school he walks around with it for like an hour before we can convince him to put in on the counter.  By convince I mean force him to do it with tears and screams.
Justin and I left a restaurant in different cars, at the same time.  He was in front of me and pulling ahead.  Taylor and I had been talking about speed limits lately as I taught her to read the street signs.
Taylor: Mommy how fast are you going?
Me: 40
Taylor: The sign says 40
Me: Yup
Taylor: Then why is daddy beating you? How is he going faster?
Me: He’s going faster than 40
Taylor: He’s breaking the rules! He’s not supposed to break the rules!
We rotate letting the kids fall asleep in our bed.  The girl’s favorite part about this is making our bed.  So Jordan made our bed and came out a few minutes later.
Jordan: Mommy, can I have a blanket from the living room?
Me: No
Jordan: ::hangs her head:: ok
I was thinking we have 2 warm blankets on her bed…why in the world does she want another one?  About an hour later I went to go to bed and realize she just didn’t want to mess up the bed so she was sleeping ON TOP of the blankets.  Poor thing was so cold because I told her she couldn’t get a living room blanket that she took a towel from the bathroom to use as a blanket.

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