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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Little Lime

12 weeks yesterday!  First Trimester is over which theoretically means I should be puking less and tired less.  I’m only 2 days in to this 2nd Trimester so I’ll get back to you on that.
My nausea has mostly subsided over the last week.  Now it only occasionally creeps up throughout my day, but in general I’m feeling ok.  I can eat again which is awesome.  I so very much LOVE food.

Here are some things I feel you should know about my last week:
·         I lost 7 pounds my first trimester!! But in the last week I’ve gained back 2 pounds and counting

·         I have been craving mandarin oranges (not canned, but fresh).  I don’t even like mandarin oranges, but I currently have a 5 pound box on my desk at work and I’m eating 4-5 a day.  MmMmMm.

·         Justin handled my first pregnancy hormone freak out moment when he tried to kiss me and I said in a very angry and motherly tone “Get out of my freaking face”.  That rage lasted about 3 seconds and he just walked away and pretended it never happened (or he forgot while sitting on the toilet).  Either way…well done good sir

·         Randomly around 11 PM (when I manage to be awake that late…so maybe it’s every night at 11 PM, but I’m just usually sleeping) I want a sweet, hot, fresh, baked good such as a cinnamon roll or jelly/custard filled donut.

·         I’m excited to be so lucky that this pregnancy I get to be on this journey with several good friends all at the same time! At least 3 awesome women that are due within a few weeks of me.

·         I feel the need to nap every 2-3 hours.  That is not possible, but my body still asks me politely while I yell horrible things at it for being a pansy that needs to just suck it up and make it to lunch (I always nap at lunch)

·         I met my new OB.  She’s awesome.  She did an ultrasound in the office so I have a picture for you!

·         The baby girl is measuring like week bigger… dear Jesus let her slow down…I don’t want to have a big baby

So that’s pretty much it.  The baby girl is the size of a lime, which I don’t eat so I’m gonna say it’s the size of a mandarin orange…because I have one on my desk and it seems about lime sized.

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