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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Laughing At Ignorance

Well one thing is for sure when it comes to Surrogacy.  Unless you plan on spending the entire surrogacy process locked in your house OR you decide to lie to everyone around you and not admit you’re a surrogate than surrogacy is not for the weak spirited.

For every super supportive exited person you meet or know there is somebody who is just as judgmental and rude.
In most instances I find the judgmental person is so…well…judgmental because they just don’t understand.  And FYI…I can't spell judgmental.  Spell check has corrected me every single time (you’d think I’d learn).
For all those people out there that meet a surrogate TALK to them first and find out what THEIR journey has been before you make ignorant assumptions.  This has not happened to me lately and it is not actually the reason for this blog.  It’s actually quite the opposite.
I would not consider myself “weak spirited”.  Most of the time I take the criticism with a sense of humor (unless I’m experiencing some sort of hormonal instability at that moment). 
AND that is why I’m writing today.  To me…part of surrogacy is a sense of humor.  From things:

Coworker: I heard you and so-and-so are both pregnant, congratulations!
Me: Yeah! Thanks…the difference is I won’t be keeping mine.
Coworker: ::confused look::
Me: ::sly smile:: I’m a surrogate.

It is also why I sort of hope that the doctor that delivers the baby doesn’t know I’m a surrogate so when that Chinese baby pops out my husband can say “Who’s baby is that!!!”
So with the sense of humor in mind I wanted to show you some pictures of Surrogacy T-Shirts that you can actually buy at  Enjoy…and laugh…and I may end up buying one or more of these.

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