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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Serial Killer in the Making

So I have this kid named Jordan.  She’s awesome and most days she is one of my favorite of the children.
Where she is insanely mischievous she is also extremely helpful.
Where she is annoyingly evil to her siblings she is also tender and loving to young children.
Where she is massively “tough” and fearless she is also sensitive to the disappointment of adults.
But mostly this kid has an odd fascination for things that may end up making her a Serial Killer.
Like when I was getting my daily injections in my rear end she would beg to watch daddy stab me.  And she would look at my face closely and say “does it hurt?” with a smirk on her face.  Yes a smirk…
Or when somebody has a cut or like when Taylor lost her tooth and it was bleeding she will poke at it over and over and watch you wince with a smirk on her face…
Or when I poured her some red cough syrup the other night and she giddily said “it looks like blood!” as she swirled it around in the tiny medicine cup with a massive grin on her face…
Or when she later told me she wanted to be a firefighter when she grows up so she can start fires and burn things… (I can only assume to hide the evidence)
So our job as her parents is to make her a surgeon instead of a Serial Killer, but I mean…look at this face… it may already be too late.

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