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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elijah is 4!

First I have to say a few things.  Like the fact that with every baby I wished for a boy.  So that when I was pregnant for the 3rd time I was terrified to find out what I was having.  So we told the Doctor to write the gender down and put it in a sealed envelope “just in case” we (well I) changed my mind about finding out the gender.
I lasted a whole 4 hours (if that) and opened the envelope to see this: 
We were thrilled.  I was thrilled…I was getting my Momma’s Boy…so I thought.
Elijah LOVED daddy – he wanted to do what Daddy was doing, he cried for Daddy when he was gone, he wanted to go wherever Daddy was going.  Mommy was “OK”, but Daddy was the best.
Over the last few months that has begun to change.  He still adores his Daddy, but he loves Mommy in a very unique way.

When we are walking he insists on holding my hand and he tells me, “Mommy, I keep you safe”

He constantly gives me giant hugs and kisses – he insists on kissing both of my cheeks with his good night kisses.

He tells me constantly that he loves me best.  He tells me constantly that he really likes me.

I love my little man in such a unique way – our bond is so different than with my girls.  And I love it!
I won’t have his “stats” for a while so that won’t be here – but I guess he’s a little below average in height and super skinny.  He is very offended and upset when he makes a mistake or gets in trouble and insists he can be a “Big Boy”.  He wants to try most things on his own now and is developing his own list of favorite things.  He loves to play anything really – cars, trains, super heroes, dress up, dolls, etc.  He hates clothes and nearly always strips down to his underwear when walking in the front door (like his Daddy).  He isn’t the brightest of my kids and knows only 1-2 colors on a good day, 2-4 shapes, and none of his numbers or letters.  Although I do think he is beginning to recognize his “E” for Elijah.  He has another year to catch up though.

He brings laughter to our house – pure, genuine laughter.  The faces he makes and things he says (not intending to be funny) constantly have Justin and I laughing hard.  I love this little man!  And for the last year you will get his Monthly Growth pictures (next year I switch to annual only).  I missed a couple months in there:

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