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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Cabbage

I have to admit I feel bad about not posting more frequently about the baby.  It’s really that this is one of the most uneventful points in the pregnancy.   I did find it odd this week to find out she is the size of a cabbage…isn’t that smaller than an eggplant (the size a few weeks ago)?  Although an eggplant is less “round” and would be much easier to process through my lady parts in a couple of months.
Yes… a couple of months!  Well a 10 weeks-ish.  We’re ¾ of the way there.
Here is what is going on this week:
·         My back and feet are killing me

·         If I am in any position that is not sitting straight up I have heartburn…literally ALL the time I recline or lay down so I’m getting up 3-4 times a night needing Tums

·         I have a feeling my iron is back up because I do have more energy than I have in the last month – I go in on Friday for blood work to find out for sure

·         This little girl’s name is Ann Ann (which means peace and tranquility in Chinese)

·         The Intended Parents (IP) bought Elijah a birthday gift that should be here for his Birthday tomorrow (ELI is turning 4 – Holy Cow!)

·         This little girl is about 3 pounds (“half” her birth weight – so they say) and 17 inches long-ish
So I think at this point my prayer requests are starting to shift. ..

1.       Continue to pray for a nice healthy baby

2.       Pray for the coming months as I get to spend face to face time with the IP.  I want to pour Jesus out of every pore of my body so they can see/feel him in a very real way

3.       That my last couple months at work go smoothly and I can continue to work until a week or 2 before the due date

4.       A nice/easy delivery so I can heal quickly and be back to work a couple of weeks after she is born
Thank you friends (and family that reads) for being part of this journey with us through your prayers and support.  I’ve said it before, and it’s always worth saying again – I have the BEST FRIENDS ever.

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