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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Fat Head of Lettuce

Yes, I called the baby fat…in fact originally the title was “Fatty”.  Because she must be a little fatty.  And a head of lettuce sounds huge – and seeing how I am less than 9 weeks away of experiencing the worst pain possible in my nether regions (pain the radiates through your entire body) she can deal with me calling her a fatty.
She won’t even know what it means anyway (because she’s Chinese not because she’s an infant). 
So what have we learned so far? I am apparently prone to picking on her for her weight and ethnicity.  I must be a horrible human being.  I don’t actually think that…if you do you are dumb and clearly don’t understand my odd sense of humor (which gets even odder the pregnanter I get).
She’s been moving like crazy.  This is the fun part where you can watch your whole body twitch as she lets one good kick hit you in the side, or the rib, or the bladder (that one sucks…well actually “leaks”).
The most exciting news right now though is that at some point today (already happened, happening, or will happen) her Mommy and Daddy will be landing in from a long flight from China to Southern California!  Granted, I don’t actually know it was a non-stop flight so I could be a liar (so I’m a liar who picks on fat Chinese babies).
I get to see them for the first time in a YEAR! I get to talk with them (in person) for the first time in a YEAR.  For the first time in their LIVES they will get to see/feel their baby!  We’re almost there!  They are not actually here for that reason – but I’m at least 1 stop in their stay.
They are actually here because she’s getting more eggs sucked out (that’s not what really happens) and fertilized for their next baby.  From what I gather they actually already have another surrogate picked out and ready for baby #2 – HOLY COW! 2 babies less than a year apart.
But I can’t wait to see them. If I have my way I’ll get to spend a whole day with them – doing some “fun” things and some necessary things:
·         Hospital Tour and Discussion

·         Group Therapy session about the Birth/After Birth expectations

·         4D Ultrasound

·         Dinner with my family
In other news – I am doing well.  My Hemoglobin is still low, but “higher” than I was with any of my other pregnancies.  Oddly (not normal at all) my iron is actually in the NORMAL healthy range… not normal for me… but like normal for regular un-broken people.  AWESOME!  I’ve also gained 30 pounds – that’s more than I have EVER gained (hence the reason I call this baby a fatty).
I do have a very specific prayer request though.  My doctor told me that the more babies you have the more like you are to hemorrhage (bleed-and why is there a 2nd h in that word?)  Because of that (And a HUGE thank you to Tiffany for explaining it to me) she said she wants to put me on Pitocin after I deliver.  It will cause my uterus to contract and make it less likely that I’ll bleed.  That makes me sad…very very sad.
I tell people the best part about birth is that it’s the worst pain imaginable, but as soon as that kids out – it’s over.  The contractions stop…the pain stops….just done.  That is one of the best moments/feelings ever and to think that I won’t get that because shortly after the doctors are gonna make my contractions start again makes me sad.  Very very sad.
So prayer requests:
1.       That the Pitocin won’t be horrible

2.       That I get some good quality time with the parents this upcoming week or two (LET THEM SEE JESUS!)

3.       That this baby grows healthy and strong

4.       That I can stay awake during the day
I love you friends! Thank you again for being awesome.

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