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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meeting the IP (Intended Parents)

If you are reading this, you are likely a friend on Facebook.  I think very few (if any at all) read this that aren’t.  That being said, you have seen pictures already of my awesome day on Saturday, but now you get the details.

On Thursday (not Friday like I though) the IP (Intended Parents) landed and started adjusting to a temporary life in Southern California.  Having never traveled more than a few hours away via plane, I can only assume Friday was spent sleeping/adjusting to a 12 hour difference in time.

Last minute plans were made late Friday afternoon for our first (of many I hope) rendezvous.  I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound and made dinner plans. 

We went to an Ultrasound place in Orange – I would tell you the name, but I was so very un-impressed by their timeliness that I will not give them the shout out.  If you want to know, ask and I’ll tell you.

Our appointment was at 5, but seeing how John (the translator) is nearly always late for meetings I told them to meet us at 4:30. 

WAIT: Important thing to note Justin had an all day Youth event that day as well which meant he would NOT be able to meet the parents (again).  Amber (our super rockstar babysitter and pseudo member of our family) was going to come in his place to help me control the kids.  HOWEVER, nobody showed up for the event so Justin made it home just in time to attend the rendezvous and had to cancel on Amber last minute.

So anyway, The Davis Clan (all 5 of us) pulled up to the ultrasound place shortly after 4:30.  And the door was locked… annoying.  4:45 came…and the door was still locked…annoying.  About 4:55 I see John (the translator) come around the corner and I get butterflies.  Will I be what they expect? Will they think I’m too thin, or too fat? Will they think I look too pale or like I’ve spent too much time in the sun?  What will my appearance (their first sight of me in a year) tell them about how I’m taking care of THEIR baby?

But honestly, the moment I saw them that all dissipated and I just got excited. 

We chatted a little as I introduced them to my family (that they’d never met) and really they just watched the kids.  The mom in particular just sat with them and watched them run around like maniacs and smiled.  I wish I could FEEL what that felt like (again that is).  To know you are only 2 months away from having THAT.  Shortly AFTER 5 the ultrasound tech came around the corner and unlocked the door for the appointment (have I said how ANNOYING this was?)
I really wanted the ultrasound to be my gift to the family, however, they refused to let me pay for anything.  They even bought a stuffed animal for each of the kids while we were there.  Then we had the ultrasound.  Nothing too crazy to note.  The facility was REALLY nice and comfortable and huge, but the waiting before was annoying enough that I don’t want to recommend them.

Ann Ann (the baby in case you missed where I told you her name) was sleeping with her foot and both hands in front of her face.  It took like 10 minutes to get her to move them so they could actually see her face.  There she was (estimated at 3 pounds 13 ounces already…a big baby). 
After the ultrasound we headed to dinner.  This was my favorite part (and not just because I REALLY like food).  I sat at the end of the table with the mom and her best friend (who she brought with her).   Justin sat on the end with the dad.  2 of the 3 kids (Jordan was tired and grumpy) just played and talked with the parents.  Elijah in particular had a blast with the dad.  He played with him, shot straw rockets at him, and just worked his cute man magic.  Taylor in her very flashy fashion danced and sang for them and at some point tried to tie a bow on the dad’s head.  The mom sat quietly and watched, and laughed, and smiled.  We chatted some more where I found out more about her and that she is STAYING IN CA until she leaves with the baby (1-2 months after she is born).  They are staying at a house locally that has a pool and BBQ and they invited us to come over as much as we want to swim and eat.  “I’ll make you steak” were the exact words from the mom for me (she knows I have an addiction to red meat and how it is doctor recommended).

Oh, and they gave us amazing gifts from China.  Justin got an 8 CD set of classic Chinese music (they know he loves music).  They got me a picture frame based off of a famous Chinese Opera and a gorgeous silk scarf.  And each of the kids got a figurine based of a famous Chinese story.

After dinner we walked to the car and said our goodbyes.  I asked for some pictures and during one of the pictures my belly bumped the mom’s belly.  For the first time she paused and looked at me asked if she could touch me.  I said “Of course!” and watched as Ann Ann’s mommy got to “touch” her for the first time.  If I can get that much joy from a moment like that, I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I get to see them actually hold her for the first time.

I’ve never doubted our choice to take this journey.  But that moment just gave it a little more solidarity (I have no idea if I used that word correctly).  I cannot wait for the coming weeks/months.

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