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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1 Down, 19 To Go

As usual Jordan stayed up far too late on one night.  Resulting in a VERY tired girl in the morning.  She is typically the most difficult to wake up.  And then she moves VERY slowly and cries at everything. 
So on Friday morning as she sat eating her cereal and crying about how it hurt her teeth to eat, I essentially told her to suck it up.
10 minutes later she was still whining about her teeth, but suddenly stopped abruptly to announce she had found the source of the pain.
Her tooth was loose.
She may have squealed with excitement.  She’s been wiggling her teeth in anticipation for nearly 2 years when she saw Taylor lose her first tooth.
So every night since that morning she has asked me to try and pull her tooth out.  Now Jordan has an adorable smile (I know I’m not biased, this is in fact a true statement), but part of the problem with that smile is that her teeth are so tightly squeezed together.  So trying to get a grip on that loose tooth was very difficult.
Yet every night she’d walk up to me with a piece of tissue and the tube of Orajel with a huge grin and ask me to try and pull that bad boy out.  I’d tell her to tell me to stop if it hurt.  I’d watch her face carefully as I pulled on this tooth that was obviously not ready to let go.  Her eyes would fill with tears and I would stop and she bravely tell me that it didn’t hurt.  I would then just tell her we’d try again tomorrow.
Until last night.  Last night I began to pull (and it was still not ready), but I felt something pop.  The tooth wasn’t out, but something disconnected and the tooth became very loose.  I always have a fear the kids will swallow their teeth in their sleep so I told her that I’d need to pull again.
She began to cry silently…she didn’t want me to pull it, it hurt.  I bribed her with some frozen yogurt (literally… a thing of yogurt that was frozen) and she agreed.
And with one good tug that thing came out.  And so did many tears and mounds of blood (can liquid be “mounds”?).  I looked at her seriously and said, “Oh, it hurts? Should I put it back in?”
She laughed and suddenly the pain was gone.  And my little serial killer (aka surgeon) in the making decided that she rather enjoyed letting the blood spew out of her mouth before wiping it up with a paper towel.
And so was that tooth.  And my proud little girl called people to tell them.  And she insisted I take a picture (which I would have done anyway).
And as we got ready for bed I watch Elijah with his fingers in his mouth…insisting that he is a big boy with a loose tooth…

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