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Friday, September 5, 2014

It's A Very Special Day

So just recently Justin and I celebrated our 8 yearanniversary.  I say “celebrated” loosely.  We aren’t really the “celebrating” type.  We MAY use these special days (like birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, anniversary) as an excuse to splurge on a nice dinner or something, but that is rare.  We usually just move through these days like they are any other day.
There are 2 days though that are extra special to us (well maybe just me).  Days that mean more than our anniversary.
5/9 (May 9th) and 9/5 (September 5th).  These are Justin and Rachael days.  My favorite number is 5, Justin’s favorite number is 9.  So these days are clearly meant for Justin and Rachael.
We are weird.  Obviously.
I also just recently found out that it is not “normal” to have a favorite number. I just assumed everyone had a favorite number like they have a favorite color.  Apparently that is not true ::mind blown::
So Happy Justin & Rachael day to all my friends and family and strangers reading this – you should celebrate by doing something that Justin & I love.
And to my dear husband (who I more frequently just call “Husband” thanks to the TV show The Neighbors), Happy Justin & Rachael Day!  We should also celebrate by eating something extra yummy tonight or buying a new game.  Maybe both.  I like new games and food.

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