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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Davis' - We Are Sleep Talkers

Justin does this thing…he talks in his sleep.  He talks in his sleep most nights.  Usually it’s incoherent mumbling (which is not unlike some phone calls you have with him while he’s awake).  Sometimes it is completely coherent, although irrational.

Like a few weeks ago when he searched our entire bed for a “snake”.  Then proceeded to call me an idiot when I asked him why he was looking for a snake in our bed – yeah, usually is pretty mean to me when he sleep talks.  Idiot, Fat Cow, and Annoying are just a few of the many things I’ve been called.
But this blog is not about Justin, it’s about Jordan.  Jordan has inherited the wonderful skill of sleep talking.  One of these happened a couple weeks ago.
We spent our “movie night” at home watching the Magic School Bus.  The episode was about flowers and all the parts of the flowers.  At one point the students land in the nectar of the flower and get “stuck”.  Apparently that stuck with Jordan.
About an hour or so after she fell asleep she woke up crying.  I told her to come to me and asked why she was crying.  She sat in front of me with her eyes closed and told me “I can’t get out of the flower!”
I was confused.
“I’m stuck in the flower and the giant bees are going to eat me! I can’t get out of the flower”
Then it clicked, the Magic School Bus episode.  So I told her I squished all the bees so she was safe.  She nodded and went right back to bed.
She talks in her sleep pretty frequently, but this was the first time it was coherent enough to tell a story about.  I’m sort of excited to see what else is to come – as long as she doesn’t lick my back like her dear father…

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