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Thursday, April 2, 2015


So at 11:30 yesterday I headed to Dr. L’s office to get my blood drawn and then begin the 2 hour – torturous wait for my results.
3 hours passed…
My sister surrogate and I shared messages of angst as we waited…
4 hours passed…
My Case Worker joined in the wait with much anticipation and even called to find out a time…
5 hours passed…
I began packing up to leave work, now realizing I wouldn’t find out for another hour or more since I’d be driving and unable to read a text or answer a phone call.
I grabbed my purse and my phone chimed.  My Case Worker got the results BOTH OF US WERE PREGNANT!
Shortly after I got a phone call with my numbers, 1,455.  I vaguely remember my number being around 500 last time, at this same time.  This was nearly triple!! WHAT?!
I emailed Dr. L’s office to make sure I heard correct.  I did.  I go in tomorrow for another blood test to make sure that number is rising (it should about double every 3 days if I remember correctly).
So now we wait until the ultrasound (somewhere after 6 weeks – which is 2 weeks away) to listen for baby(ies) heartbeat(s) and count the number of heartbeats.
Prayer Requests:
·         So far I have NOT been nauseous.  If you remember, last time around this time I was nauseous ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  I lost a TON of weight my first trimester because I could not eat anything no matter how hard I tried.  Pray this continues and I have a nice easy first trimester

·         Pray that my anxiety about having twins subsides since there is a 60% chance that is what I’m having and that I will not have to miss any extra work due to complications

·         Pray these babies are healthy and strong and no “tough choices” will EVER have to be dealt with during this pregnancy

·         As always, pray that my IP (Intended Parents) see Christ through me.  That they have an amazing peace during this time as somebody else takes care of their babies for the next 8ish months.
Click here for my Surrogacy FAQ. As always PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact Justin or I if you have questions or concerns. We are open and willing to share everything

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