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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spiders, Blood, and Retainers (it makes sense)

So yesterday was really of no importance, but things happened that got my brain moving and so I’m sharing completely random things with you because of it.  Which I guess is not much different than normal.

The Spider Dream

I had a dream that I stopped by an old friend’s house to say hi to her parents.  My kids started running around chasing a “lizard” in their front yard.  I briefly saw that lizard race by me and thought, ‘that doesn’t look like a lizard’.  A moment later it ran by again with what looked like a giant spider in its mouth, but at closer look it was in fact a SPIDER with a LIZARD in its mount and that spider was eating the lizard whole (I know this is physically impossible, but it was very real in my dream).  I told the kids to stop chasing that thing only to have Taylor come up to me with a huge chunk of flesh missing from her arm saying “The lizard tried to eat me”.  Justin came to the rescue and shoved the spider in his mouth and just chewed away…yellow gooey stuff pouring from his mouth.
In hindsight... that is a little like he just ate a portion of our daughter’s arm… sicko.

Jordan’s Clumsiness

Jordan is the queen of epic injuries.  She doesn’t do “small” so on Sunday she tripped and took a quarter inch triangle chunk of skin off her toe.  She took it like champ while I scrubbed that open wound with alcohol.  Then she followed that up by jumping off swings and landing on her knees on Tuesday resulting in bloody knees.  The good news is Justin now has a medical kit in his car for such occasions.  

Fake Retainers

As the dentist explained to me that Taylor will likely need braces (not surprised) I had to reassure Taylor that braces aren’t that bad.  I then remembered that in my late elementary days I thought braces looked awesome and wished I could have them.  I proceeded to painfully sculpt a paperclip to fit around my teeth to look like a retainer.  I wore it for like a week.  Nobody noticed.  I was sad, and my teeth hurt, and it tasted horrible.

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