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Friday, July 22, 2011

Groove and Jive its Number Five?

I wanted something creative to call this blog, but after sitting here staring at a blank page for a few minutes I realized I give up and just thought random/cheesy will have to work.

I love that one of my fellow bloggers posts a picture of her and her husband “then and now”, so admittedly, I will be stealing that from her, which she probably stole from somebody else…bunch of thieves we are. If everyone is a thief is it still steeling or just community goods/thoughts? But I digress (I have almost always wanted to say that).

I thought today I’d write about what I actually remember about that day 5 years ago.

5 years ago today and probably right about this time (11:30ish) I was looking at my amazing almost husband (and winking at the best man – love you Sam!) standing in a Mormon church (we were and still are and will always be Christians) giddy with excitement and trying to absorb every detail. The absorbing did not work.

We did say our vows. We did NOT say “I Do” (we were never asked the question! LOL – which we didn’t realize until a few days later).

It was the hottest day of the summer thus far and taking pictures outside was brutal, but we had an amazing photographer that got amazing pictures.

I remember sitting and eating and thinking, wow look at all these people that came! I felt blessed to have so many family and friends that wanted to be part of our day.

I remember our first dance…but mostly how it started. I was put into a chair in the middle of the room and not told why, SUPER awkward! But then, my husband of about an hour began singing to me, guitar in hand, a song by Tyrone Wells (AMAZING artist) called Looking at Her Face (FYI that’s the live version at McClains – bringing it oldschool!) This was our first dance as a married couple and one of most amazing moments he’s created for me.

We danced some more, we walked around and said hi, and then Sam drove us to LA. That is all I really remember LOL!

But the last five years have been a blessing. We have our highs and our lows. Our fights and our laughs, but I want to say this to YOU Justin.


I love you with all that I am! I adore you. I love that you laugh at your own jokes before you say them. I love that you use your left sleeve as a napkin. I love that you make life fun for our kids and bring me out of reality sometimes just to enjoy life. I love your random mumblings in your sleep and your OCD cleaning (when you actually clean :) )

You bring joy to my life that nobody else can and make me a better person. I thank God for putting you in my life when he did. Thank you for being my sanity!



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  1. we're both old married ladies! Happy anniversary!