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Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Bir-ther's-day

My new position has kept me busy (that’s good for work, not good for blogging). I used to write my blogs on my lunch or breaks during the day, but I’ve been so busy that I have just not really had the desire to sit down and “type” some more LOL.

That being said… I’m WAY late on this blog.

Father’s Day fell on my Mom’s birthday this year. And yes, that sentence is correct. Some like to argue that Father’s day has been around longer then my Mom’s birthday, but my Mom’s birthday is ALWAYS the 19th and Father’s day is only sometimes the 19th

Anyway, after church we headed down to visit my parents and grandparents for a BBQ. The kids loved seeing grandma and papa. The kids got to play outside in the water and on the swings before nap. They are still a little confused about “their” room now belonging to Kadence, but otherwise we had a great time! The “boys” went out to see a movie after dinner and the “girls” went bathing suit shopping before dinner (we went to Glen Ivy for my mom’s bday a couple weeks later and had to get a bathing suit for her!)

Here are some pictures!

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