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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jordan and Her Pennies

I’ve described Jordan before as the girl wearing the most sparkly of all princess dress playing in a muddle puddle.  

She loves all the girly stuff from her favorite color being pink to shoes with glitter and lights.

She loves to find my perfume and use the entire bottle on herself.

She loves painted fingernails and if I don’t do it she find the nail polish herself and paints the nail along with half of her toe or finger.

She also loves to play rough and get dirty and sweaty.

She has such a contagious spirit and so full of personality.

Most mornings while I sit and work from home she will sit next to me and just watch me work occasionally whispering something to me.  This morning she had an agenda:

J: Mom, you’re the best
Me: Thank you
J: I think you are beautiful
Me: Thank you
J: So you can take me to gymnastics again now
Me: No baby, we don’t have enough money
J: its ok you can take all the money from my envelopes (her chore money)
Me: Baby, that still isn’t enough money
J: But I have dollars in there!
Me; You need $60
J: Is that more the $100?
Me: No
J: Then I think I have enough dollars
Me: No you don’t
J: How about when daddy’s not looking you take his pennies from his car and then when he looks there tomorrow he won’t know where they goed
Me: That’s stealing, that’s not ok
J: Its ok I always take his pennies ::runs to other room and comes back with an Easter Egg::
J: See ::cracks open Easter Egg and about $2 in change drops out::

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