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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And Then There Were 3

About 3 ½ years ago Justin and I found out our family was soon to be complete.  We were having another baby.  Was it the plan at that moment? No way! But still, inside me grew the little human that would make our family complete.

As you recall (or don’t recall and you can now be surprised) the pregnancy started out rough.

  1. I was nervous about having another baby – I was terrified it would be another girl and felt I wouldn’t be excited for a girl and that wasn’t fair to the baby
  2. I had a tear that caused heavy bleeding around week 10 and we thought we were about to lose the baby
  3. I had to switch doctors and my new one knew nothing about my blood disorder and made me do all kinds of stupid things that made no sense because she thought she was helping

At first we decided not to find out the sex of the baby (see #1 above).  But I caved and when we saw it was a boy we were ecstatic.  So as his due date approached we prepared our family for its completeness.

The girls both came early so as May approached I knew my little mama’s boy would be here any day.

He had other plans.

But finally, a few days “late”, 3 years ago Elijah was born. My baby is 3 today! Where does the time go?

People frequently ask me (us?) if we are “done having kids”.  The answer is always YES!  We could have another kid someday (it’d have to be adopted), but for now our family is complete.  Elijah was the last missing piece and he was the perfect little piece to the Davis puzzle.

So in typical birthday blog fashion here is a note to the birthday kid and a picture for every month of his 3rd year of life.


You are my momma’s boy even though you don’t know it yet.  Daddy may be your favorite person in the world (although it might actually be Miss Amber), but nobody walking this earth today loves you more the mommy.  You are a boy to your core and love to run, and throw, and if a toy has wheels you are on the ground with it.  Your joy is contagious.  When you are happy it oozes from ever part of you and makes those around you happy.  You are kind and loving and always take good care of the little ones around you (mostly Sophie…she might be your favorite…no it’s definitely Amber).  I am so glad God blessed our family with you.   You were the perfect addition to our family.

I love you baby boy! Happy Birthday

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