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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World's Greatest Smile

I intended on doing a “So Sayith” blog last night all about Jordan, but instead we went out for a belated Birthday Dinner celebration to enjoy one of Jordan’s favorite dinner foods…breakfast.  The IHOP by us has kids eat dinner free every day so it was a perfect little way to eat breakfast for dinner.
I still wanted to give an all about Jordan update, because she’s a stinking cute and compassionate kid and from I’ve been told most all my friends let me know she is the “favorite”.
I’m mom…so technically I don’t have a “favorite”, but I am the first to admit that I totally have a favorite and that favorite just happens to change from day to day depending on how the kids are behaving.
Maybe I’m a bad mom, or maybe I am just willing to admit how all us moms really feel.
Picture one for today…proof of my daughters interesting taste in clothing.  She LOVES to pick her own outfits out and most days that means she is wearing several layers of things that do not match, but she is proud of her unique style (tutu with hightop sparkle shoes)
Anywho, so Jordan had about $60 in birthday cash to spend so we headed to Target on Saturday.  She picked a Hello Kitty scooter and hefty Baby Stroller.  I call it hefty because it won’t break after one use since it has actual metal parts.  She was thrilled use both and share both.  She is a great sharer.

At one point during our shopping excursion she asked me how much money she had left.  I told her $25 and she told me I should save it to help buy a house ::heart melted:: I told her thank you, but daddy and I would worry about that and she should just have fun spending her birthday money.
Last night she found a nickel on the ground and handed it to me saying “Save this, don’t spend it, it’s so you can buy us a new house”.  Apparently the kids have noticed us talking about our savings plan to finally own our own home.
And that to end it everyone in the family told Jordan 1 thing the LOVE about her and here is what we got:
Daddy: I love Jordan’s smile
Me: I love that Jordan is a great sharer and she’s super compassionate ::insert Taylor “what’s compassionate?”::
Elijah (with a little coaxing): Jordan plays with me
Taylor: Nothing, because she’s so CRAZY all the time ::insert lecture on being mean from mommy:: I like when she is calm

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