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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Only Reason For Birthdays is Food

In 3 days I will be 29 years old or “almost 30” which is much easier to remember than my actual age.  Honestly, I have to think of how old Justin is and then subtract to remember my age. 

One of my favorite parts of birthday week/month for me is all the free food!  I love food.
·         I get emails from all the bazillion of restaurants I’ve signed up for offering a free appetizer, or free shake, or free dessert, or free meal.  Amazing.

·         I get taken to lunch by friends

·         I get taken to dinner by family

·         I get baked things and brought food

The saddest part about this time is all the delicious offers I cannot partake in since I have baby growing.  That “no seafood” rule is cramping my food eating experience.
So as I look at this delicious offer from Joe’s Crab Shack I just get sad (because Crab is one of my new favorite things in life – “new” because I hated it until like 5 years ago until Neya helped show me the light.  Thank you Neya.  My life was incomplete for 24 years.  This is a really long parenthesis note).
No crab for me.  Sad…sad…day.
But at least this week I will be enjoying Greek Food, GBurger OR Pieology (yet to be decided), Steak, and Stuffed Shell Manicotti.   All of which are also delicious.
And now for some odd reason I am craving artichoke (yet again) and some grilled hibachi zucchini – neither of which are related to any of the above reference food.
Mmmmm food.

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