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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Little Mango

The wee one is the size of a mango! She’s almost reached the not “little” phase in my mind.  I feel her moving and squirming constantly and I’m peeing about 500 times a day.  Awesome.

I met with the OB today and everything looks good.  I’m anemic, but as far as “normal” for me I’m actually doing really well.  So just tired, very, very tired.

I’ve also gained a total of 9 pounds (WOOT)!  I might just break my record this pregnancy.  Previously the most I gained was 20 pounds and the doctor says I’ll be gaining about a pound a week from here on out (unlikely) but if I can a 2-3 pounds a month I’ll break my record at least. 

I’d like to point out I’ve actually gained 14 pounds, but I lost 5 during the first trimester from being so sick so I had to get that 5 back before I started counting how much I actually gained.

I’m glad all the big testing is done (just glucose next month) and now it’s time to just count down the days until her mommy and daddy get to hold her.  I’m SO excited for that day.  I’m SO excited to be part of that day for them.

And with that…there’s really nothing fun or interesting to report so here’s a couple of pictures and you can no go about your day.

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