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Friday, April 25, 2014

I'll Give You $20

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Emergency Fund post a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven’t read it (and don’t want to click the link) essentially in 2012 the Team Davis became DEBT FREE! And nearly exactly a year later we finished our EMERGENCY FUND.  I wish I could give you a how-to guide on how we did it, but it’s different for everyone.  Really the best advice I can offer is to take Financial Peace University (click there to find classes in your area).
Now, the classes usually cost money.  Some churches waive the fee (they cover it for you).  Some churches waive the fee if you finish the course.  Some churches don’t waive it at all.  But the combination of thinking how do I help my friends do this too AND how can they do it without spending any money got me thinking…
So I have an idea (and a shameless plug).  I work for Evangelical Christian Credit Union (WHICH I LOVE) and they are doing this referral program right now.  Essentially if you put your emergency fund with them you get $20 (and so do I), BUT the classes usually run about $40.  And honestly my goal is to get you to take this class and experience the JOY and FREEDOM that come with no debt and having that emergency fund “cushion” sitting there.  So I will give you my $20 bonus as well.
What’s that really mean? It means you’ll get $40 just for letting your emergency fund sit at the bank and earn a pretty good rate.  What do you need to do?
1.       Click Here to go to ECCU’s referral page to see the details of the offer (Must be $1000 opening deposit for an On Purpose Savings account and must be open for 90 days)

2.       Click Here to apply for membership and open your account (Click the big Apply Online button) – You’ll need $1005 to open the account.  $1000 for the account to get the Bonus and $5 for membership fee.

3.       While filling out your application online you will be asked for a Referral ID.  Use ID 17447 VERY IMPORTANT.  If you miss that step you will not get the $20
Let me know you opened the account so I know who to give my $20 when it comes to me.  So ECCU will give you $20 and I’ll give you $20.  So there it is - $40 NO EXCUSES! Go take this Financial Peace University course and seriously work on your financial freedom.
Some important things to note about the account at ECCU:
·         You can open it with less money, but you (and I) will not get the referral , but you’ll still earn a good rate

·         Your money here helps ECCU help churches and missionaries around the world! So even if you’ve already began to save and/or get out of debt and/or you’ve taken this course STILL SIGN UP!  I’ll still give you my portion of the $20 so you’ll just get $40 for something fun (or to save)

·         You NEVER have to walk into a branch/bank (Online Banking and Free Bank Transfers to/from any bank in the US)

·         The more you save the more you earn in interest (the higher your balance the higher percentage rate you’ll get)
So there’s my plea and offer to you.  Obviously nothing is in it for me since I’m giving you my portion of the referral bonus so really I just want to help YOU!  Take the free money!

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