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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


There are inconsistencies everywhere.  But in the last few days there have been 2 particular ones rattling around in my brain.
The first is how we (“we” as in the U.S.) currently treat life.  I read an article the other day about a woman addicted to heroin.  When she found out she was pregnant she got help.  Her doctor told her quitting cold turkey could kill the baby at that point so they had her on a program – a prescribed opiate that would help her slowly get herself clean.  She was trying to get clean and still give her baby the best chance of survival – it was recommended by her doctor.
When the baby was born it went through withdrawals and the hospital called Child Protective Services (CPS) and she was essentially charged with endangerment… they monitored her to see if she should keep the baby, but the article goes on to say many mothers have their babies taken from them in the same scenario.
So what “we” are saying is that because the mom did something dangerous while the baby was in the womb she is endangering the baby so it is “bad”.
The inconsistency is that the “we” that say she shouldn’t take ANY drug (even doctor prescribed) because it could hurt the baby is the same “we” that allows you to kill that same baby.  It is endangerment to take a drug while a baby is in your womb, but completely acceptable to kill a baby while in the womb? WHAT? It’s ok for a woman to “choose” to kill a baby, but it is not ok for that same woman to “choose” to take a doctor prescribed mediation?
The other is related to consequences.  As parents we strive (amongst many things) to teach our children that there are consequences to the choices they make and actions they take.  If you stick your hand in the fire – you’ll get burned.  If you talk back or yell at your mother you’ll get your cheek flicked.  If you don’t clean your room when you are told you’ll go in time out.  If you stay up late you’ll be tired for school in the morning.  Our goal is for them to learn right from wrong – moral from immoral – just from unjust.  So why do we as adults have such a hard time accepting that?
We expect our kids to accept the consequences of their bad choices, but what adult doesn’t get angry when they get pulled over and ticketed for speeding?  How many times have you heard somebody say something like “I always get the ticket – they never give me a warning” or “I was only going a little over the speed limit”?  We teach our kids that a rule is a rule no matter how dumb they think it is.  I can tell you that when Taylor gets grounded for not bringing her homework home for a week she thinks the rule is “dumb”.  We teach her, it is still a rule – you broke that rule and must endure the consequences.  So why, as the parent, can we not accept that same fact?  Why is it ok to go 5 miles an hour over the speed limit because the “rule” is dumb? The truth is – there is no difference.  We just convince ourselves that “they” have to follow the rules, but we’re the exception. 
I hate inconsistences.  I’m one of those rule followers.  If it is a rule, it is there to be followed.  If the rule is “wrong” or “dumb” work on getting it changed.  If the rule breaks/violates what is in the Bible THAN break the rule.
So don’t kill babies and follow the “rules”.  The End.

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