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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Not So Little Eggplant

So it’s official.  I think of the size of this kid and think…that is not little.  If I wasn’t sure based on what my little app tells me, the strength and reach of the kicks and wiggles is a good indicator.

I haven’t updated recently at all about how things are going.  I’d like to say it’s because thinking of her growing size causes me such terror I can’t bring myself to write about it, but that would be a lie.  So instead I’ll say I’m just a slacker.

A tired, sore, and grumpy slacker.

I can barely stay awake long enough at home to make dinner.

My back has been so sore that all I want to do is lay down with my feet up and relax (or fall asleep).

My patience with my kids is pretty much non-existent (seriously…I sent Taylor to her room during dinner because she was whining and said to her, “I just need a break from you! Go away for 5 minutes and then come back”)

But as far as I know I’m healthy.  The baby is healthy.  And things are going well.  We’re just waiting those 14 weeks and 5 days more.

I get to experience the joys of pregnancy and/or your 4th pregnancy:

·         Being out of breath just walking up stairs
·         Feeling like your feet will fall off after walking around the mall for a few hours
·         Eating until your full only to realize it was because the baby was in a weird position so when she moves you realize you are still quite hungry
·         Trying not to pee on myself with every sneeze and cough
·         Feeling the baby wiggle and jiggle (like the little old lady who swallowed a spider)
·         Watching your kids talk to and touch your belly
·         Imagining what her little face looks like
·         Imagining what it will be like when her mommy and daddy see that little face for the first time
I’m SO EXCITED!  And tired… and EXCITED! And sore.
I’m also in “planning” mode.  I think I have this alternate version of “nesting” where I have to over plan EVERYTHING.  So that’s what I’m doing.  I’m adjusting my budget for the 500th time to ensure we have enough money set aside for Maternity Leave.  I’m trying to schedule and readjust things at work for when I’m Maternity Leave.  And I’m even making plans on what to do with my time off for Maternity Leave.  If I have my way I’ll take 2 weeks off work total.  1 week before and 1 week after: to avoid going crazy being home alone.  But since that is probably not going to happen I’m trying to think of things to get done at home to pass the time.
So there you have it.  My thoughts and ramblings since the last time I wrote about this kiddo like a month ago.

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