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Monday, May 19, 2014

Taylor Is 7 (and 4 months)

Pretend with me that Taylor just turned 7…and ignore the truth that she actually did in January…
Because I’ve started this blog like 50 times and each time decided I didn’t have enough time to do it justice and said “I’ll do it later”.  So maybe this is 4 months late. 
And maybe you are getting a crappy quick version of it as I cram it in my 10 minute break at work because Elijah is turning 4 in 3 weeks and I know I can’t put off BOTH of these.
So the boring stuff first:
Weight: 47 Pounds (25th Percentile)
Height: 4’ 2’’ (90th Percentile)
She’s tall and skinny – that hasn’t changed.  She’s awkward and lanky – that hasn’t changed.
Taylor is the most sensitive of our kids and takes everything quite personally.  She does not hold back any emotions and her behavior sometimes mirrors that of a 2 year old.  However, she is learning to get herself under control more quickly.  She is acknowledging her responsibility in her emotion outbursts and does try to do better.  She is very bright and picks up on things very quickly and remembers EVERYTHING.  Be careful not to say something in front of her you are not ready to have repeated and/or questioned.
She is very inquisitive and always wants to know more.  Which is good, but oh so annoying when you don’t feel like getting into a 20 minute discussion about why her hair is blonde and daddy’s is brown.
She is sensitive to what is going on around the home and likes to feel part of the “grow up stuff” as much as possible.
She is a complete goofball and tries so hard to be funny which usually translates to moving around awkwardly, but she does say some stinking hilarious things.
When not overly expressing her emotions she really is super fun to be around.  She makes me laugh often.  She loves to play games with us and make up her own for the “younger” ones to play with her.
And here is the fun part (for me at least): the pictures of her growth over the last 7 years!

Age 1

Age 2

 Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

 Age 6

 Age 7

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