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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let the Preparations Begin

In general I’m an over-planner.  I like things in my life to be scheduled and structured.  I don’t particularly enjoy last minute changes to plans unless it’s a last minute addition to my schedule where I had nothing planned.

So I surprised myself this week when I realized how un-prepared I actually am to pop out this kid.

I HAVE been making plans and coordinating events so that I have a way to get to the hospital any day, any time over the next 3 weeks.  I have not actually thought about the delivery much more beyond that until a couple of days ago.

Things like realizing that NOBODY except for me had the address to the hospital…
That would have meant that instead of just calling people when I go into labor I would have to take the extra time to make sure I got them the address and depending on where they were when that phone call came in, they might need directions… not something I want to do while having contractions.

Things like packing a hospital bag…
I was so un-focused on the “after the baby is born” part of this all (since I won’t have a baby to worry about) that I forgot to think about the fact that I will still need things post-delivery.  So that will be getting done this weekend.

Things like preparing for Maternity Leave...Think of the scene in the Incredibles (great movie) where Mr. Incredible keeps saving people and saying “I’ve got time” as the hour for his wedding approaches.  That’s been my thought.  My actual work is being handed off, but I never thought about how long it would take to work out all of the details of being ABLE to be off work.  You know those important papers your employer needs to let you off on leave.  So with 2 days to go I’m scrambling to get that all taken care of.
I did, however, think ahead about going INTO labor.  Which is why I am now sleeping on towels because I don’t want Justin to have to worry about how to clean up amniotic fluid from our mattress.  He made fun of me…maybe I should just let him clean it up.
All that being said, I’m ready.  I’m ready to see this husband and wife become mommy and daddy.  I’m ready to sleep on my belly.  I’m ready to pick up my kids.  I’m ready to see Ann Ann’s face and let my family meet her.
2.5 weeks and counting – but let’s hope she comes in a week or so.

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