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Monday, July 7, 2014

Butterfly Girl

In general, I haven’t been to many weddings in my adult life.  Really your “Adult Life” is when you start going to weddings that you really care about.  Sure I went to a family wedding here or there, but I was more interested in cake than what the wedding actually meant.

This year there are a crazy amount of weddings, we just went to our first of 4 in the next few months.  I really do love going to weddings and enjoying this amazing time of celebrating the union of 2 awesome people with all their other friends and family.  Recently the wedding talk caused a very interesting conversation with Jordan that I wish to share in this brief blog (since it is a 10 minute break blog and not a lunch hour blog).

The wedding we just went to was Brad and Heidi.  You should remember Brad, he’s the one I ran over in my car 10 times.  I picked up the kids from school on Thursday (usually daddy’s job), so Jordan was curious as to why.  I told her that Daddy was in Fresno to help Brad get things ready for his wedding, because he was in his wedding.  Jordan asked if she could be in the wedding.

I told her no, that usually little kids aren’t in weddings unless they are the Flower Girl or Ring Bearer and that is usually somebody from their family.

She got sad and quiet and asked if she could ever be in a wedding.  I told her I didn’t know.  Taylor joined in by whining she wanted to be in one to…so I reminded her she WAS in a wedding when she was 2.  She got quiet.

I also told the kids that Elijah was going to be in Uncle Sam’s wedding as the Ring Bearer though.  Jordan asked if she could be the Flower Girl.  I told her no again, because they had a different flower girl.  She sat quietly for a few moments before this:

Jordan: I know! I can be their butterfly girl!
Me: Butterfly girl?
Jordan: Yeah, you know.
Me: What is a butterfly girl?
Jordan: I’ll catch a lot of butterflies and hold them in my hands.  And then let them fly away at the wedding.
Me: If you touch them with your hands they won’t fly.
Jordan: Ok, I’ll catch them with a big net and keep them in a basket and keep it covered.  And then uncover it so they fly away at the wedding.
Me: That’s a cool idea Jordan, but I don’t think Uncle Sam and Aunt Tiffany need butterflies at their wedding.
Jordan: Everybody needs butterflies!

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