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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Years and Counting

As I drove towards church on Friday night this blog began forming.  I’m a numbers girl.  I wanted to give random numbered facts about what has happened in the last 8 years.

Justin said it was weird – “that’s a 10th anniversary kind of thing” he said

But we know that won’t stop me.

If you want our story go here (or at least the part where we started).  Otherwise enjoy this blog of random numbers.

8 years ago today I stood in the hall of a Mormon church (I’m not Mormon nor was I then) and waited behind a closed door to see the man who would shortly be my husband.  During the 8 eight years after that day we…
·         Had 1 surgery

·         Got 2 college degrees

·         Bought 2 vehicles

·         Moved 2 times

·         Had 3 children

·         Had a baby in one of our bellies for a total of 3 years

·         Been considered “members” of 3 different churches

·         Went through (broken and/or still own) 4 computers

·         Went camping 5 times (1 of those was not together…but I needed a 5)

·         Stayed together in 6 hotels

·         Went through (broken and/or returned and/or threw away and/or still own) 7 TVs

·         Worked for 7 different companies (one of those companies we BOTH worked for)

·         Had 8 years of crazy fights, tender moments, laughing until we cry, and the cliché (but so very true) experiencing a love that grows deeper each day.
Happy 8th Anniversary Babe (AKA fat head, fat crack whore, and smelly pirate hooker – all terms of endearment I swear!)
Thank you for being my laughter in times of tears.  My comfort during times of hardship.  My sanity in times of craziness (which is pretty much always).  My voice of wisdom in times of irrationalism (I have plenty of those too).  My constant as our world changes.
And most importantly…
My eye candy in times of ALWAYS (except when you have a horrible huge beard…then I just stare at your butt).


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