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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Flop to the New Year

There are several things I will cover today because I forgot to blog this weekend :)

First, our New Year’s Eve was spent at Sam’s house! Every year we go, and it is always AMAZING! It’s impossible not to laugh until you cry (or close to cry) when that group gets together! I love our game-night friends!! Played some new games, and one had this crazy awesome timer (5 second rule). Anyway, I also found it really funny that some of my secular friends were slightly shocked that we had such an amazing night without alcohol. When I mentioned I had a great night the comment was “So you finally got drunk?!” haha :)

Part of that great night was THE most gracious, loving offer I’ve had in a VERY long time. A friend of ours offered to take ALL of our kids OVERNIGHT!!! Thank You Jessica and Rick!! She has 3 kids of her own, little like ours and they took them all overnight. It was incredible! Justin was upset I didn’t let him sleep in because I made him go get the girls around 9:30, but I didn’t want to abuse the gracious offer :)

The flop was the ball dropping entertainment. If you watched America’s Got Talent (AGT) you saw Defying Gravity, and they are way great! After the ball dropped they said they would have some band AND Defying Gravity…so we watch this LAME band attempt what they called a song and waited… and waited… only to get a 15 second show from them BEHIND the lame ‘musicians’. Very upsetting.

A cute story is next. The day after Christmas Justin was driving us to his mom’s boyfriend’s house for festivities. He was super tired so about half way there he pulled off the freeway so I could drive. This sparked Taylor’s interest enough for her to ask questions and apparently remember the answers. Yesterday while driving to the store Taylor randomly asked “Daddy, are you tired?” to which he replied, “Typically”. She turned to me and said, “You need to change seats!” I was confused as to why she wanted me to sit in her car seat until she said “Because daddy is tired, you need to change seats so you can drive”

Finally, the resolution. This year there were a ton of things I “want” to do. From having a daily picture blog (I failed already zero pictures in 3 days) to blogging frequent (I know I’ll fail that one). I finally settled on one that will be hard, but really good for us in the long run. Debt-free-edness. I have a strict budget already with very little ‘fun’ money. This year we will not eat out (unless an emergency) we will not buy ‘toys’, we will not spend carelessly. Every penny will have a purpose and any extra penny that does not go to a family necessity will not be spent on things, but will pay off debt. Hopefully this will help us get out of debt a little sooner (3 as opposed to 5 years) and will help us MOVE OUT!!

Happy New Year!

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  1. I'm bummed I missed the party but I look forward to our next game night.

    Good luck with your goal. Its a good one.