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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Drama Queen

Yesterday Taylor turned 4! It’s hard to believe four years ago my first baby was born.

We started the morning with her 4 year old physical (I know bad idea, but the ONLY day I could get off work to take her). The visit went well…then came the shots. Not sure if it’s a good idea or not, but I always try to warn her ahead of time so she is prepared. She had to get 3 (reduced from 5 per doctor recommendation to wait until kindergarten for the other 2).

If she knew what cussing was she would have been cussing the nurse out. First one came tears…second one came screaming…third one was “Leave me alone! You go away! I said stop right now!”

All this followed by an Icee of course and she got to pick a new dress because the 2 she owns are getting worn every other day almost. Her Birthday Outfit is included below :)

We kept with tradition and after nap she got to make her own birthday cake. She picked the type of cake and frosting; she mixed it, frosted it, and put a TON of sprinkles. So many sprinkles she sort of collapsed the middle of the cake. She only licked the spatula a few times while spreading the frosting and surprisingly most of the sprinkles made it on the cake opposed to in her mouth. She stuck the candles on the cake (all in the same place).

After the cake we played board games until bed time and she got to fall asleep with mommy in my bed.

Taylor’s Stats:
She is the 95th Percentile for Height
She is the 40th Percentile for Weight (Tall and skinny…not so shocking LOL)
Her speech and motor skills are great.
Her eyesight is great.
She may have some hearing problems in her right ear OR she just was bored with the hearing test by the time they got to the right ear.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Monkey
Favorite Book: Anything Llama Llama related
Favorite Activity: Board games or painting

She tells elaborate stories and works through problems in her own version of logic in which she ends up with the correct answer half the time.

Happy Birthday Baby!!

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