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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Prayer for Life

I work(ed) with a man that was diagnosed with Cancer. His story is heart wrenching for so many reasons… he’s young, he’s married, but the hardest part he has two boys. Two very young boys. I read his journal (linked above) pretty regularly and every time I do I pray for him and pray for my family. I look at the faces of those little boys and think; they will be living life without a daddy.

Of all the things of this world to leave behind my kids would be the hardest, especially now. What will happen to them never getting to ‘know’ their mom? Everything and everyone else would manage; I guess my kids will manage too, but they wouldn’t know me. They wouldn’t know what I sound like. They’d forget what I look like. They wouldn’t remember our stories times or play times. They would never know how much I adore them.

Bill, my coworker, just recently starting making videos for his boys. A way for them to get a glimpse of who he is(was). We are PRAYING that they will not need to see these videos and God will heal Bill so they get the chance to know their daddy.

I also pray that my children will get the chance to know me and the memories I make with them are of a Godly woman.

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