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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Cool" Place to Be

I have been horribly slacking at updating the blog since the move. I can blame it on the fact that we don’t have internet, but lets be honest… the only time I update my blog anyway is during my breaks at work so that excuse doesn’t cut it.

Although there are 27 things I want to tell you about. Today it will be simple. It is supposed to be wordless Wednesday after all, but if you know me, I’m not really a “wordless” type :)

About 2 nights ago Jordan woke up with what I’m thinking are night terrors and realized Taylor wasn’t in her bed, or Jordan’s bed, or on the floor. I searched her room, the bathroom, and Eli’s room and started to panic. I rushed out to Justin and asked if he knew where Taylor was.

The next thing he said I would have never expected (looking back I should have, I mean I DID marry Justin).

He very casually said “she’s sleeping in the closet”

What?! I went back to their room. And sure enough she was bundled in the closet, doors closed and all.

So I get home from work yesterday and Taylor is lying in her closet, wide awake, just laying there.

ME: Taylor why are you in your closet?
HER: I slept here last day (that’s Taylor for yesterday)
ME: Why?
HER: Because it’s the place to sleep (she said this as if saying “all the cool kids are doing it”)

What did I do wrong that my kid feels the need to sleep in a close closet? ::shrug:: I blame Davis.

AND that wasn’t really short. I guess I’m no good at being wordless.