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Monday, April 4, 2011


Recently Taylor has been more interested in marriage and asking a lot of questions. It’s fun to watch her develop a definition and sort of figure it out as she goes. It started after we went to my cousins wedding a few weeks ago. I explained we were going to a wedding and that Lori and Pete were getting married. They would be husband and wife like me and daddy. She proceeded to ask a number of questions over the next few weeks: Are you and Daddy married? Yes Can I marry you? No, you need to marry a boy Can I marry daddy? No, daddy is married to me. You can only marry one person Who can I marry? A boy that loves Jesus Can I marry Elijah? No, that’s not appropriate, you can’t marry your family. Can I marry my friend? What friend? The boy who throws toys (Sammy). Yes, you can marry Sammy Can you marry Sammy? No, I married daddy Can I marry daddy and then you can marry Sammy? No, you only marry one person and you can’t trade or share But we’re supposed to share. Not husbands, that makes Jesus sad Oh. OK. But you have to share daddy because he’s my daddy. Yes, I can share daddy as your daddy, but not your husband I think she understands now mostly. Now we just get a random question about who she can marry.

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