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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eli's Walking!

This is more then just the fun news about Elijah walking. Since he had his “9month” appointment last week I figured why not give all his stats?

My doctor, although an AMAZING Godly woman, doesn’t like to push buttons with the insurance company at all and so she takes the appointment times VERY seriously. What I mean is if you have a 1 month appointment she will see him no earlier then 4 weeks (1 month) from that date…

SO seeing how every time I have an appointment for Elijah (due to holidays or no appointment availability) I would be a week or so behind. This means at his 1 month appt. he was 1 month and 1 week…at 3 months he was 3 months 2 weeks… and so on.

That being said, he had his 9 month appointment on when he turned 10 months. That was a lot of explaining for a simple story, but I’m a story teller.

Elijah Corbin:
10 Months on 4/5/11
Weighs: 18lbs (30th percentile)
Height: 29 inches (90th percentile)
I promise I feed him! Poor guy is gonna be a tall stick like his sister.

Movement: He walks with a wobble and crawls almost as fast as his sisters run. He can climb up stairs, and thankfully he is still to nervous to attempt to crawl down.

Talk: He still doesn’t talk, but he babbles away. He is very adamant about being part of whatever conversation you are having and he is loud! He also “sings” with us whenever we are singing a song.

Games: He likes to play peek-a-boo. He will duck down behind something and pop up or put a blanket/shirt/hat over his head (not over his eyes in most cases) and pull it down. To clarify, he lifts the object complete over his head so you can still see his eyes, but thinks that he is “hidden”. He loves to be tossed in the air and he loves to slam on our computer keyboards. He is now discovering buttons and pushes any he can reach. This include turning the TV on/off or even flipping a light switch in his reach.

Sleep: He lets you know when he’s tired for sure! And once he’s out he’s a pretty good sleeper. Usually in bed at 8PM and up around 7AM or later. Occasionally, he’ll get up around 1-2AM for a late not bottle, but not very often (or I just sleep through it since Justin is usually still awake and may just get it for him without me knowing).

Food: he eats a ton. He usually eats finger foods at every meal in addition to his baby food and most of the time would eat more if we let him. Instead we try to top him off with some milk and he’s good to go. I blame his active apatite and low weight on him walking so early, but who knows if that is really a reason or not.

I adore this kid! I know it’ll be hard for me not to spoil him, but I’m excited to see as he grows how different he will be from the girls.

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