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Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Finally Real

I think the reality is hitting me hard this week. We are FINALLY getting our own place. If you already know the story, sorry for the redundancy, and if you don’t here is the abbreviated version:

Justin and I got married 5 years ago (in July) and he was supposed to have this job lined up when we go back and for some reason things just fell apart so we went from “house sitting” at my Grandma’s house for the first month of our marriage to moving in with my parents “for a short time”…

Nearly 5 years, 3 kids, and several jobs later we still inhabit space at my parents house. I tried not to talk about it too much, because lets be honest here, it’s embarrassing! I know we have been blessed with this time, but thank the Lord we finally get to move out!

With Justin being a stay at home dad our funds are definitely tight (understatement) so we qualified for a low-income housing program in Anaheim and are moving in this weekend to a 3 bedroom / 2 bath apartment literally across the street from the “happiest place on earth”. I’m SUPER excited, but like I said the reality is hitting me.

I have always been a budgeter… every penny has a place or bill to pay(down). My budget does not like this new living arrangement at all. I’ve mentioned before I’m short, but the good news is I think I can afford rent at least (with the assumption Justin can do some odd jobs here and there to earn around $250/month)… utilities are another problem. My rent at my parents has always included our utilities so I have no idea what this going to cost me so I can even attempt to budget. SCARY!

The second reality is the realization that we have shared a LOT of stuff with my parents… a kitchen, a bathroom, and parts of the living room. There are things we just don’t have. I don’t have baking pans or even a whisk… I don’t have shower stuff for our new 2nd bathroom. Do we need this stuff? Not really, but you know there will come a time in the next couple of weeks where I’ll think… If only I had ____ so I could ____. That is what is freaking me out most right now. I made a “wedding registry” on Target to get my “wish list” for myself in line. Now I know what I want/need and have at least some prices to go with it. I’ve also been telling all my family/friends that for my birthday (The day after we move in) to get me something of the registry or a gift card so I can get it, but honestly even after that there will still be a ton more to go.

A few friends have suggested we have a house warming party to give more people an opportunity to help us get stuff, but if you know me, that’s not my style. I love hand me downs… I’m not to “proud” to take anything from anyone whether it is new or used, but I will not ask for things or people to get me things. I figure God has a way of working things out and He has already brought people into my life to provide some of the things I need to me.

So here I sit. The realization hovering over me that I will be moving into an incomplete home, not sure how long our savings account will last as we use it to pay rent/utilities. Although I am definitely stressed I have peace. God will provide for us. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I’m excited to see him make this work for us. This situation forces me to KNOW that God is in control, I have nothing to do with what is about to happen… Exciting isn’t it?!

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