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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How can you Doubt?

A friend from work approached me a couple of weeks ago saying her sister had some things she wanted to give to me. I’m always excited for new things (even hand-me-downs).

Then today the same friend asked to borrow a picture of our family to show her sister. She mentioned to me that her sister had started praying for us a few weeks ago. This is right around the time I hit the “bottom”. Typing that makes me realize how lamely cliché that is and I cry a little inside about my lack of creativity.

Her sister does not know me nor has she ever met me. She just started praying for me. My friend hadn’t told her about any of the struggles we were going through at all. God just put on the heart of her husband and her to pray for my family and so they were.

I really don’t understand how people can blatantly deny God and how he works. I understand questioning him, that’s healthy. We question him, he proves himself, we grow closer to him, that’s logical, but when things like this happen (even though its small) I know God is looking out for us and want EVERYone to know it!

All of this followed by a fun moment with Taylor last night:

Me: Taylor, it’s time for bed
Taylor: I don’t want to go to bed
Justin: You never want to go to bed
Taylor: But I wont be happy if I’m in bed (said with a tone that said, your one job in life is to make me happy and if you make me do this you fail)

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