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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Beach - Meguna

To Meguna

Happy Birthday! My dear dear friend! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and felt the need to make you smile (hopefully) on your birthday:

1. Lighter and Brighter
2. Speed Lemoooooon!!!
3. Sugar Water High
4. Pringles – Once you Pop You just can’t stop (Special thanks to another friend for that one)
5. Pixie – How you learn sniffing Pixie sticks does NOT feel good (Special thanks to another friend for that one)

6. Figure it out Cheer/Flag Routine
7. Pocohauntus – Just Around the River Bend Routine
8. ::clears throat and begins singing:: I’ve been complimented by an idiot today, hip hip hooray, I’ve been complimented by an idiot today, hip hip hooray-yay, and when your complimented by an idiot its ok for you to say….
9. Painting Pink dorms – Pepto Bismo pink…how I hate you
10. Perfect Harmonies for Holy, Holy, Holy…Lord God Almighty
11. Big Big House – Cheer – Camp (Special Thanks to all our “Cabin” friends at camp)

12. Creepy Furbies
13. The Bermuda Triangle (shout out to Ali!)
14. Green GU
15. You taught me how to dive – back when you lived at the house with the pool
16. We created a recipe book…but I only remember the insanely chocolatey brownies…or maybe it was cake
17. Buying Eggs and Bracelets in Mexico
18. Going to NASCAR races…I actually never remember watching the race (sorry Joe! I always watched the last few laps!)
19. Saying Good-bye to Mia – Well that might be the only non-funny moment on here, but its memorable to me
20. Trying to put a penny on the railroad track (Shhh don’t tell mom)
21. Countless sleepovers and games and dressing up, and giggling, and everything else.
22. All Stars - Trent - Sexy Sexy Man
23. Joe the Drummer - Sexy Sexy Man
24. SERFS! Gretchen - How I miss thee

25. Pink Ball Josh - PBJ

All that to say – You had a huge role in who I am today. I appreciate the time we spent together as kids and teenagers and am blessed to have had a friend like you in my life during those times.

I hope you have a blessed and amazing birthday!

I love you Meguna Beach!

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