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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Married a Nerd

There is a game. A Nerdy game. That is played by my husband and Tawni's husband.

It has now spread to involve some more Nerds (Matt and Sam that is).

Although I'm super excited the boys had a chance to play a game, relax, and just be the nerds we all know they are - this was not my favorite part of our Saturday.

Saturday was actually VERY busy. From the birth of a dear friend's first baby that morning! To some severe house cleaning and shopping. We ended our day with an evening of friends.

The Websters and the Newmyers joined us so I had some girl time with Kim and Tawni. The kids entertained each other very well that night so I really really did get to have girl time. If you haven't experienced a night with a house full of kids then you can't fully understand what kind of accomplishment this is.

A night with kids (and by kids we usually have 5-7 kids running around) usually involves something like this:

A mom: So this week I ::loud scream and all women pause::
Another mom: That was mine ::walks off to check on screaming child::
A mom: What was I saying?
::Another mom returns::
A mom: Oh yeah, this week was awesome! I ::loud crash::
A dad: I'll check on them ::leaves room:: Hey, I need some help in here

Well, something like that. And don't worry, no children were harmed in the making of that scenario, but I'm pretty sure it actually happened at some point.

With our children shockingly well behaved and no major injuries we had the chance to actually talk. It was fabulous!

We also got to start planning a camping trip. I think this most excites me. I loved camping as a kid and I hope my kids do to. REAL camping - I'm talking tents people! The good stuff!

I look forward to some more fun family time with my rapidly growing group of family friends that I cherish more and more every day...well maybe ever other week since I don't actually see them daily :)

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