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Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventures in Facial "Hair"

I'm a big fan of grilled onions. I know, an odd sentence to start a blog about facial "hair", but I promise it will make sense shortly... well as much sense as the logic of a 2 year old that is.

I usually make a ton of grilled onions with our burgers, because lets be honest, grilled onions not only improve a burger but also are a snack on their own.

After dinner was done and we were cleaning up the table we heard Jordan saying "I have a mustache!" We turn around to see her using slices of grilled onion to top off her upper lip. And Justin being the guy he is felt this was the opportune time to take pictures of many different variety'o'staches:

The Goatee

The Snot-stache

The Handlebars

The Hitler (Stupid Justin)

The standard stache

Justin calls this the the "Perve-stache"

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