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Monday, August 8, 2011

To Have Only One

Every year we head down to La Jolla to spend time with some friends. These are some very special kind of friends. Friends I have probably spent more time with then some of "close" (as in distance not relationship) friends.

I met most of these people around 5 years ago and spent a lot of time with them - some seasons of my life I spent 2-3 hours a day with them, talking, playing, laughing, and relaxing. That's all I'll say about that to avoid the pure nerdiness of our relationships though, but if you know me and you know KORT then you understand!

There is an annual BBQ in La Jolla with the KORT crew and we usually leave the kiddos with family while we go. It is a lot easier to enjoy the company of adults with kids around. This year, however, we took Taylor along. We figured 4 was/is old enough to entertain herself without us having to be overly paranoid about her walking away too far and getting lost or eating some random object on the ground.

My camera battery died after taking a couple of pictures and so I didn't get any of the KORT crew, super bummed! I did however get one of my new favorite pictures of Taylor.
Taylor called the "weekend" our adventure. She enjoyed some time at the beach and then headed to the hotel. For a "nice" hotel we had a horrible experience! The paperwork for the reservation said the room would be ready at 3, we got there at 5 and the lady at the desk said it actually isn't ready until 4 (but it was 5) and our rooms were still not ready. We had dinner reservations at 7 and needed to shower (get the sand and salt off) before dinner - they were telling us our room wouldn't be ready until after 6!

I was insanely frustrated and they would not let us cancel the reservation!! Lame - I know!

When we finally got to our room Taylor called it her "New Home" - all part of her adventure.

We headed to dinner and got to spend more time with the KORT crew at Dave & Busters - Taylor had a blast! She won a surprising number of tickets for randomly hitting buttons. Apparently the method to hit jackpots and bonuses is to not even look at what you are doing and slam buttons.

She picked out 2 toys for herself and 1 toy for Jordan and Elijah.

When we got back to the hotel she insisted I sleep with her - I indulged.

Did I mention I forgot sunblock (on me) ... again?! 2nd degree burns on my knees and shoulders and sleeping with a 4 year old that moves all night made for a very long night, but still a great time.

As we arrived back home Taylor told us she was sad her adventure was over and so I told her we will go on a new one soon.

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