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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I May Be a Blog Stalker

I became one of those blog stalkers… I knew them – Sort of.

Rachel – I was in UCO with her for 2 years – we never talked – I wish we had
Tawni – I’m not sure if I actually met her – maybe in passing she married my husband’s Roomate (my boyfriend at the time)
Shanda – She may not know this but I admired her when I did know her in College. She had this fire I was drawn to and an amazing heart I strived to be more like.

I remember the day I sent this message to Rachel and Tawni:

o Birthday Party
Hi guys! It may be odd, but I read both your blogs constantly and would love if you our kids could meet and mingle

I also make it a point to make myself available to friends with kids to offer to watch them if needed. I know finding a sitter can be hard, especially with last minute things and since you are close I would be happy to help if needed.

All this to say Taylor is having her 4th birthday party on Jan 22 (2-4) and you are both welcome! I sent this to both of you because I wasn't sure if you would want to come w/o each other since you wouldn't know many people there aside from Justin or Sam Welbaum.

Have great day!!

P.S. Your boys are ADORABLE!!! I hope my little Elijah is as cute

I even hesitated to send it out of fear of freaking them out – a blog stalker. At least they knew of me even if they didn’t know me.

I don’t do well with new people. I really want to, but I get nervous and clam up. With these girls (and husbands and kids) I feel welcome and accepted. It’s a new door opened in the Davis’ lives and it has been a real blessing to get to know these families better and build stories together. I appreciate them – so I wanted to tell them.

Thank you for letting us in! My kids look forward to playing with your and Justin and I look forward to the chaotic-semi grown up time we get to spend with you all.

Well that didn’t include Shanda, but don’t worry she is not forgotten.

She just got “home” – reading her blog make me feel the need to tell you “home” is very relative – being in the US is probably still more like a vacation for her while she remembers/misses “home” in China (my words not her words – I could be wrong).

Justin always raved about his “sister” – I remember how excited he was when he found out I would get to be her roommate for a night while we were on choir tour. The few hours of bonding we had stuck with me (as mentioned before her spirit is addicting!) We got to see her recently and I prayed for her – as often as I saw her. I felt for her. She has been thrown into a new world with expectations that she knows and understands what it is like to be here (in the US) when to her, this is a little new. I pray her re-entry is smooth and without “turbulence”. She is an amazing person with an amazing God-Honoring heart – she deserves to be blessed and I hope this transition is part of her amazing blessing.

All that to say it was really good to see her – the small relationship we have doesn’t hinder my love for my “sister-in-law”. (Pic stolen from her blog)

So that is my story – my story of blog stalking.


  1. Aww... This made me teary-eyed.
    Thanks for praying for me, for caring, and for being a super "sister-in-law." You guys are super special to me.
    I definitely want to have a game night before I leave. We need to figure that out soon.

  2. lol, This is a great story! And I needed a smile today. :)

  3. You saw Shanda! I still haven't seen Shanda!!!