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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First 30 Minutes

A sample of my Morning

::My alarm goes off::
Taylor: SURPRISE!! Good morning mom (she says inches from my face…she was waiting for my alarm!)

::Made breakfast and sat down::
Jordan: ::picks up a an orange slice and takes a bite:: Mom! There’s apple juice in my oranges!! (apparently any sort of juice from a fruit is apple)

::Taylor finishes her breakfast::
Taylor: Mom can I have more oatmeal
Me: No – go get a yogurt out of the fridge
Taylor: ::after a moment of thought:: can I have pudding?
Me: No – you can have yogurt
Taylor: I’ll ask dad
Me: No – I said you have pudding
Taylor: Ok, I’ll have yogurt and then pudding
Me: Fine

::As I leave::
Jordan: Mom you going to make money?
Me: Yes
Jordan: then you gonna give it to Taylor?

::Walking down our steps to leave::
Me: see you later alligator
Taylor: after awhile crocodile
Jordan: ::simultaneously:: see you later crocodile!

My life would be far less interesting without kids.

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