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Friday, June 8, 2012

One Person's Food is Another Person's Artwork

So I really like food.  Aside from eating (which is awesome) love to look at, smell, and just enjoy food.  That sounds weird I know, but its true.

Lunch time is one of my favorite times at work since I sit really close to the galley (where people prep their meals for consumption).  I love to sit and just enjoy the smells wafting out of galley.  Its pleasant.

One of my coworkers called me the “Salad Admirer” the other day because aside from the wonder smell food produces it can also look so scrumptious.  A visually appealing meal is something I enjoy looking at.  Some people stare at works of art, I think food is just as gorgeous.  The bright colors and shapes.  Amazing.

So when I see somebody about to eat a meal or preparing their meal and it looks pretty – I tell them.  I fear I come across as creepy or a food beggar or something.  When I comment on how amazing your food looks its not because I’m passively asking you to share (that’s just awkward) I am really just commenting on a “work of art”.

Of course the best part of food is tasting the beautifully sculpted and delicious smelling items on a plate, but that’s not all I enjoy about food.

This is probably the same reason I have an addition to Food Network.  I don’t watch to be a better cook (although I could really use the help in that area), but I watch to look at the amazing presentations.  To just look and say…that looks beautifully yummy.

Don’t these look so gorgeous that you’d love to just take one bite?!

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