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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Place I Work

So I’ve been meaning to tell you all about where I work for some time now.  Because I love it.  Not just my job (which is awesome).  Not just because my incredible coworkers (which are even more awesome).  But most specifically how gorgeous our “campus” is.

I work at a bank.  It doesn’t look like a bank at all.  If you walk into our first building it is all office/bank like, but its everything else I felt the desire to share with you.

All around the buildings are gorgeous plants and flowers with places to sit everywhere.  You have the option of sitting on the side of our first building near flowers and bunnies hoping around.

You have the option of sitting in the “picnic” type area that consists of a mini amphitheatre type layout with covered tables and lots of shade.  And what’s that you hear? Running Water?

Yes it is, because the other option you have is sitting in one of the many tables surrounding a waterfall and small pond type thing with ducks swimming around and all.

I work here! At any point during my day I can eat lunch in a relaxing environment or take a stroll on my break through trees, flowers, and grass.  AWESOME!

There has been more then one occasion where I have been walking between buildings for whatever reason and I just stop to admire the beauty of our “campus”…not just the “hey nature is pretty”, but the “God created this and I get to enjoy it”. 

There’s also the fact we have a “sanctuary”, but that’s a story for a different time.  Enjoy some stolen pictures of what I get to enjoy Mon-Fri every week.

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