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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Over Planning

There is such thing as over planning.  There really is.  I have a problem with over planning things in my head.  I make these mental checklists of the things I need to get done.  The problem is they tend to be huge lists and then usually 3 or 4 of them going on at the same time so I just forget to get stuff done.

So with Friday fast approaching and this being the day we load up our car to head to my parents house for an early morning departure of around 4 AM I am beginning to FREAK OUT!

I have SO much to do this week!!! AH!  First of all we have an apartment inspection today so we had to clean the random parts of our house like the walls and doors to make it look like we don’t have 3 kids…::sigh::

The worst part is we DO have 3 kids and they do stupid stuff like color on the walls…on walls that have SUPER cheap paint on them (with led) so we can’t clean the walls because the paint just comes off when we try.  Yeah…it’s true.

So I’m pretty sure we’re going to get in trouble about the state of our house and if you’ve been there you know we aren’t pure slobs…we just have 3 kids with a lot toys and energy.  And I don’t know what getting in “trouble” looks like.

On top of that I have a dinner thing I have to do followed very closely by an Open House to meet Taylor’s teacher which we only found out about last week.  That’s just tonight so that means no time for getting ready.

Then we have Wednesday which is youth night so I get home early, but then Justin leaves and trying to get all the pack done with the kids running around is just asking for trouble (forgotten things or things just taken right out of the suitcase as I pack it).

That leaves Thursday.  Just Thursday night of course which means there’s no room for any double checking or triple checking.  I mean we’ll have 5 people in a tent for a week…we don’t want to forget something since its not like a Target is down the street.

All that to say I’m finding it awfully difficult to concentrate today.  I think I need to make an actual written checklist to get my stuff in order.  I’ll spare you those details.

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  1. Yes! Keep a running to-do list that you can add to during the day, then you'll be less likely to forget anything even though you have to pack all in one shot. I used to pack over the course of about 4 days but now that just is impossible so i keep a packing list that i add to for a few days then pack everything at one time. Good luck!