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Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Oh Where Have The Davis' Been?

I could come up with a hundred excuses as to why I haven’t blogged in like 500 years AKA 2 weeks.  But they really wouldn’t be very good ones.  I’ll tell you a few anyway just for some sympathy.

  • We’ve been crazy busy – which is really a good reason TO blog, but…well you get it.

  • I wanted to post pictures with my blog but Facebook for some reason is not letting me post pictures and I always get my blogging pictures from Facebook.  I know there are other ways, but that’s just how I roll.

  • I have things I want to blog about, but since I have neglected doing the Family Blog night I felt like I should get that done first (obviously I’ve gotten over that).

So here I am 2 weeks later trying to fill you in on all that has happened.  Without pictures! I still feel that is so super lame ::sigh::

I told you all awhile ago about our upcoming Vacation Season.  The first part of Vacation season has passed and it was such a wonderful time to enjoy my family.  I spend so much time working sometimes I forgot how much I can thoroughly enjoy my children.  As I have mentioned before I do try to spend some constructive time with them every night of the week, but by the time I get to them I’ve worked all day, I’ve made dinner (most of the time), cleaned up a little and although I enjoy my time with them I do it rather exhausted.  So my few days off was really nice.

Saturday was rather gloomy so we stayed indoors most of the day.  The girls had their final gymnastic class of the season in the morning and we spent most of the rest of the day cleaning – I know not fun.  However, the point of clean house is to have company so once everything was cleaned I all of sudden became determined to have somebody over.  This ended up being Sam and Travis and we played some games and had a jolly ol’ time.  I even had a bucket of candy tossed at my face.

Sunday we had church followed by Elijah’s 2nd birthday party.  Oh boy is that boy spoiled.  He got a ton of fun toys and some cute clothes and shoes.  And in case you were wondering his obsession with cars has not changed in the slightest and he spends time everyday with a car in hand or lying on the floor with his butt in the air watching his cars “drive” passed his face.  After the party we had some friends over for games (Sam, Travis, Matt, Kim, and baby Sophie).

Monday we drove out to the Webster’s to have a BBQ for Memorial day and enjoy some good grub and company.  The Keys’ and Pfeffer’s were there as well.  Tawni cut up a huge watermelon and all the kids ate a ridiculous amount of watermelon with red juice dripping from their chins and running down their bellies.  It was pretty darn cute.

On Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland with Uncle Sam, Aunt Tracy, and Quinn.  The kids had their share of meltdowns, but overall I think it was a good day.  A special thanks for the other 2 adults that did join us and help provide us some sanity on the long day.  It was very crowded so the lines were longer then usual so having the extra hands was a nice way to help distract the kids.  FYI Jordan still love roller coasters – she went on Space Mountain twice.  Yay.

Wednesday was going to be our 2nd day at Disneyland, but as Justin and Sam pointed out I was being way over ambitious.  Instead I got my blood drawn in the morning.  Taylor sat with me while I was doing it and was very concerned despite my constant reassurance that I was fine. We also picked my car up from the Shop (Fox Auto Care – you should use them, they are amazing and honest and fabulous) for a hefty little bill (Praise the Lord for our emergency fund!) and then grabbed some lunch.  We watched a movie together while we ate then spent the rest of the day relaxing.

And that is only 1 week! Are you still reading?? I know it’s hard without pictures.  I really like pictures.  If you dare continue there is more…

The rest of the week was pretty chaotic for me at work, but I made it through. 

Then came Saturday and we cleaned the house and headed to Montclair for my nieces 2nd birthday where the kids got to play in the play in the water and enjoy some burgers.

Sunday involved church and then lunch before Justin and Travis headed to the Webster’s for nerd game night.  The kids and I played a few games and just hung out.

So there you have it.  That’s the last 2 weeks or at least the important part of the last 2 weeks…without pictures.

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