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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Year Old Coming Through!

We celebrated Elijah’s birthday a little early and he is only 2 so he really doesn’t even care about birthday’s yet unless there is a cake or a gift in front of his face at that moment.

So it’s easy to understand that until about 30 minutes ago when I was writing the date on a deposit slip I did not realize today is his actual birthday.  I was like “oh, wow today’s the 5th? It’s Eli’s birthday!”

So here is some info on my handsome little man with the big ears:

I don’t have any of his statistics…so you’ll get those in a month when I get to actually have his 2 year appointment since I can’t go until July ::sigh::

What I can tell you is he’s a stick…a short stick.  Last time we went he was 5th percentile for wait and only 40th percentile for height.  Poor kid will have his older sister’s towering over him for a few more years at least.

He is a talker…but more so he’s a singer.  He loves music (making his daddy proud).  He sings along at the top of his lungs to songs he knows and wiggles his body (dances) to anything with a beat.  On Sunday’s after church the first then he does most days is run to the drum set on stage and pound away.  If Justin has his guitar out there is nothing that can hold Eli back from strumming.  An open piano puts a smile on this kids face.

He loves cars…anything with wheels really.  When he is really into it he lies on the ground on one cheek with his butt in the air and drives a car back and forth in front of his face making noises.  I think that’s his way of getting into the same “world” as the car.  It must look much cooler from that point of view.

His favorite foods are fruits of any kind, corn, carrots with ranch, and recently a love for scrambled eggs.  He eats ok, but playing with his food is much more interesting then making it to his mouth.

He sleeps well.  He’s in bed by 8 and wakes up around 7.  He naps well too.  If he isn’t in the mood to sleep he will quietly play with his train set in his room before crawling to bed.  He is by far the easiest toddler we have had as far as bedtime goes.  Not so much with temperament, but at least with sleep.

This boy has an attitude and energy to go with it.  I think it’s a mixture of being a 2 year old, the only boy, and the youngest that brings out his inner roar.  The girls (despite our best efforts) take advantage of his small young self and take things from him constantly.  This has spawned a new behavior in Elijah.  If he’s playing with something and ANYone walks close to him he screams and runs away with the toy.  Poor guy has had so much stuff ripped from his hands he has a phobia of losing his toys.  We’re working on his response, but for now we hear a lot of random screams throughout the day while he’s playing.

I don’t know what more I can say about how much I adore this little man in my life.  God gave us a great blessing when he gave us Elijah.  I love you Elijah Corbin!

And here’s a timeline of how much he grew up over this last year:

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