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Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Almost Here

I’m sort of giddy.  HoliDavis is nearly here.

It reminds me of how much I REALLY enjoy hosting people at my home.  I like to bring people together to have fun mostly – so it doesn’t have to be at my home.

It also reminds me of how tiny my apartment is and how much I really to look forward to the day I have a living room/dining room large enough to actually fit people comfortably.

Don’t worry though, Sam assured me that when he wins 5 million dollars he’ll buy himself and us a house next door to each other with an adjoining porch… I predict living room walls that will fold down so that our living rooms could also become one HUGE living room for massive game nights.

This also makes me think of Scrubs and the “Porch” JD had (I think it was JD).

There are 13 adults and 9 kids coming to my place this Saturday…that’s 22 people!!  In a 3 bedroom apartment!

I know my friends love me when they are willing to cram themselves around a table to enjoy some grub and games.

I have the best friends (it’s been like a whole week since I’ve reminded you of this absolute truth).

There will be my first ever turkey!! (And ham in case I screw up the turkey)
There will be a game with prizes (a game that will now be a tradition thanks to Kim)
There will be kids running around and demolishing the kid’s bedrooms
There will be laughter – hopefully a lot of it
There will be goodie bags to take home (for the adults – I baked 288 cookies!)
There will be hand crafted ornaments to take home (for the kids)

Most importantly though there will be time with my friends (remember the best friends in the world) who love me almost as much as I love them.

I’ll try not to forget pictures so my other amazing friends that could not come or just could not fit in my INSANELY full house can join in the festivities a few days late.

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